From Knifepoint Horror

Published 25 November 2010
Episode Number 3
Narrator Peter Yearsley
Duration 19m 11s
Transcript Availability Vol. 2

"cult" is the third episode of Knifepoint Horror. The episode was released on November 25, 2010 and is narrated by Peter Yearsley.


A cult's act of human sacrifice and resurrection reaches across the twentieth century to leave its imprint on a modern day murder.



Geoffrey Stavros

Other Characters

  • Lukas Demetrios (Member of the Light Herder commune, author of Observations of the Practices of the Light Herders, written in 1931)
  • Kelof Katcheves (Leader of the Light Herders from 1917, author of The Songs of Interior Man)
  • Daniel Worrell (Man killed presumably as part of ritual in 1991)
  • Mary Worrell (Mother of Brian Roth)
  • Brian Roth (Murderer of Daniel Worrell, borrowed Observations of the Practices of the Light Herders in 1990)

Date and Locations


  • 1990 - 1991
  • April 2005


  • Washington, D.C.
    • Dumbarton Oaks Park (former location of the commune of the Light Herders)
    • 18th Street, Adams Morgan
    • George Mason University
    • East Potomac Golf Course (Brian Roth's hiding place)
    • Montrose Park (location of Daniel Worrell's corpse
  • Arlington, VA.
    • Oakland Street / Columbia Gardens Cemetery (location of the grave of Mary Worrell)
  • Zaire (Where Katcheves makes contact with the Gy Chulthu forest tribe).

Story Notes and Observations

"The Light Herders" / Kelof Katcheves

  • It is stated that the Light Herders "numbered only about eighty or ninety when they came to America from Greece around 1917". Their beliefs were outlined in a book called The Songs of Interior Man, written by their leader Kelof Katcheves.
  • Rituals used by the Light Herders were also known to a "primitive African tribe called the Gy Chulthu". Katcheves is suggested to have travelled to Zaire where he made contact with "the small but dangerous Gy Chulthu forest tribe", and adapted some of their rituals for use with the Light Herders. The tribe is also referenced in a later story, "house".

The Worrells and Brian Roth

  • In August of 1991, the police visit the home of Daniel and Mary Worrell, who were reported missing by their college at George Mason University. At the home, police discover a note written by Brian Roth, Daniel Worrell's stepson, which reads "I have killed him because my mother deserves to live more than he does. I am very sorry." Police later discover Roth hiding in an equipment shed at the East Potomac Golf Course.
  • It is stated that Roth requested to borrow or view Observations of the Practices of the Light Herders in January of 1990; approximately eighteen months before the deaths of Mary and Daniel Worrell. Stavros suggests that it was Roth who tore out the pages detailing with the rituals of the commune. Stavros states "Maybe he kept them hidden until 1991, when his mother's death actually gave him cause to use them."
  • Daniel Worrell's body is discovered in the woods of Montrose Park, which is "just yards away from the original Light Herder settlement." Daniel's corpse is found "bound to something - or someone - with rope", and "covered in an enormous accumulation of branches and rocks". This echoes the description of the burial and Light Herder ritual of the eight year old girl killed in 1929.