From Knifepoint Horror

Published 29 November 2010
Episode Number 14
Narrator Mark Nelson
Duration 26m 08s
Transcript Availability Vol. 1

"eyes" is the fourth episode of Knifepoint Horror. The episode was released on 29 November, 2010 and is narrated by Mark Nelson.

An alternate version of "eyes", narrated by Soren Narnia, was released on Patreon on 7 September 2021.


An invitation to a seance leads a Congressman to face the wrath of a tortured spirit bent on making him suffer for a past betrayal.



Wesley Harrod

Other Characters

  • Thomas Branch (Georgia congressman, acquaintance of Harrod)
  • Evelyn Crowdy (Spiritualist / fortune teller)
  • Mr. Grantham (attendee of the séance)
  • Mrs. Grantham (deceased wife of Mr. Grantham)
  • Shirley Frost (customer of Harrod's grocery store in Falls Church, 1877)
  • Hugh Frost (Shirley Frost's husband)

Date and Locations


  • 1884 (date of narration)
  • 1877


Washington, D.C.

  • 11th Street and C (location of the séance conducted by Evelyn Crowdy)
  • Constitution Avenue (sighting of Shirley Frost by Wesley Harrod)

State of Virginia

  • Falls Church (location of Wesley Harrod's grocery store in 1877)
  • Arlington (location of Shirley and Hugh Frost's home)

Boston, MA.

  • Shirley Frost's grave (Harrod visits the site in an attempt to ask for forgiveness)

Story Notes and Observations

Evelyn Crowdy's Séance

  • Crowdy requests that Mrs. Grantham make her presence known through sound. The sound of a "sharp clanging of one metallic object against another" is heard outside the house. Branch monitors the street outside the house during the seance, but sees no accomplice or any other explanation for the metallic sounds.
  • Harrod states that he begins to feel "physically strange" during the séance - "overly warm and uncomfortable", and with the "unpleasant sensation that my skin was wet all over." This sensation intensifies for Harrod during Mr. Grantham's attempts to speak to his deceased wife. Harrod also states that during the session, he is able to clearly see his surroundings and the attendees, despite being sat in complete darkness.
  • The séance is interrupted by the sound of a woman crying "see me!" in a "harsh tone" in the street outside. After this, Crowdy lights a candle and announces the end of the session. By the light of the candle, Harrod and the other attendees are able to see that Crowdy's face had somehow been affected by the séance - her eyes "had puffed up and become severely bruised during her trance". Additionally, Mr. Grantham is stated to have somehow "bore a line of words across the front of his neck" - the words are "Harrod will see me forever".
  • After the séance, Crowdy requests to speak with Harrod once again, after discovering his political identity. She explains to Harrod that the spirit at the séance had not been Mrs. Grantham, but another woman who had "intended to frighten [Harrod] specifically". Harrod then confesses that it was a women he had known under "horrible circumstances seven years before".
  • On 21 October 1884, Harrod visits Crowdy once again. Crowdy confirms that since the initial séance with Mr. Grantham, two other sessions has been interrupted by the same spirit that tried to frighten Harrod previously. Crowdy explains that she could attempt to ask the spirit of Shirley Frost to stay away, but also confirms that no spirit had ever punished her as severely as Frost had. Crowdy also suggests that it was a "terrible sign" that Harrod had been able to see Frost during the initial séance.
  • Harrod explains that during Crowdy's attempt at asking the spirit of Shirley Frost to cease her disruption, he "thought he could hear a human voice, shouting as if down multiple corridors, muffled and desperate" and that he "would have sworn that the voice was was coming from [...] somewhere deep inside Mrs. Crowdy's throat.".
  • Mrs. Crowdy explains that during her contact with the angry spirit of Shirley Frost, she discovered that Shirley was killed a week after her husband had moved them to Boston, though "it wasn't her husband's hand that committed the murder". Crowdy claimed that Shirley Frost was killed by a demon named Tazku-nil. Crowdy claims she had seen this demon for a full second during her trance, and claims that seeing it "was like dying".

Wesley Harrod and Shirley Frost

  • Shirley Frost speaks to Harrod about the worries she has about her husband, Hugh. It is stated that Hugh began to believe that Shirley had been conspiring against him regarding the poisoning of a dog that had run onto the Frost property. Hugh began to buy books on witchcraft "in order to foil her black magic with his own". Shirley eventually requests to stay at Harrod's home, a request that Harrod couldn't agree to. As a result, Shirley left the grocery store for the final time, "visibly devastated".
  • Whilst investigating the vacant home of Shirley and Hugh Frost in Arlington, Harrod discovers "large letters [...] marked on the floor" - this is reminiscent of a section of the story "house" where the narrator discovers a strange legend on the walls of the basement of his grandfather's house. Harrod investigates further and discovers a large pentagram on the dirt floor of the basement.
  • Harrod visits Shirley Frost's grave in Boston and discovers afterwards that the spirit-image of Frost "had changed" - "it was as if she had been attacked by an animal".