From Knifepoint Horror

Most Knifepoint Horror episodes are narrated by Soren Narnia. However, some episodes, particularly the earlier ones, feature other narrators.

List of narrators

Below are the guest narrators featured in each episode.

Narrators by episode
Narrator Episode(s)
Dennis Smith
Mike Vendetti corpse*
Peter Yearsley cult
Mark Nelson eyes
Markham Anderson
  • trail*
  • return
Brian d'Eon rehearsal
Mike Harris plague
Logan Masterson tunnel
Neil Donnelly
  • cabin - from the files of Savid Doud
  • desert - from the files of Savid Doud
Justy Gee The Crack

*episodes marked with an asterisk have recently been re-recorded by Soren Narnia, and can be found on his Patreon page.