Story Connections

From Knifepoint Horror

Knifepoint Horror stories occasionally provide subtle suggestions of a wider shared world between the stories and the characters.

"Attraction" ritual

Forsch Cording, from town, and Aramis Churchton, from house, both perform a ritual referred to as an "attraction".

The ritual itself appears to be a kind of summoning, or a sort of communication with the dead.


"There, Cording told me he needed to "attract". It was going to make him incredibly weak, he said, but it needed to be done before the entire day was lost. He might need my help walking at first when he finished."

The "attraction" in town involves Cording dipping a white sheet into running water and mud, before folding it and placing it neatly upon an infant's (Sarah's) grave.


"It was there (Glory Marclay's bedroom) that I chose to perform an attraction."

Churchton uses a charcoal pencil on his left palm, marking his skin. He then closes his fist, and closes his eyes for ten minutes. Upon opening his eyes, and unclenching his fist, he sees that the charcoal has vanished, leaving behind a "string of tall, thin black letters."