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Knifepoint Horror is a horror podcast created and produced by American author Soren Narnia. The majority of stories are written and presented in the first person, and are regularly recorded and performed by Soren himself, while some episodes feature guest narrators.

The series is noted for its high quality of writing and performance and is regularly featured on lists detailing the best horror podcasts available.

Episodes are released on an irregular schedule and have runtimes of anything between six minutes to upwards of ninety minutes. Some episodes are presented in a compilation or anthology format, and these episodes usually have a longer running time: A Quick Decology of Terror, released in 2017, has a runtime of over two hours.

Knifepoint Horror stories are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, meaning that anyone is free to adapt them as they see fit, even for profit, without the obligation to compensate the author.

Genre and Style

A wide variety of literary styles and genres are apparent throughout Knifepoint Horror, though the series is most often considered to be firmly within the horror and suspense genres. Story titles are almost always presented in lowercase.

The show is notable for its intense and claustrophobic ambiance. Many episodes also feature dark, atmospheric soundtracks, usually provided by Kevin MacLeod.

A number of episodes contain elements of science-fiction or speculative fiction, as well as elements of historical fantasy, gothic horror, weird fiction and cosmic horror.

The series has inspired short films, story retellings and a graphic novel anthology.

Soren Narnia

Soren Narnia likes to pretend sometimes that he became a big famous author and everyone liked him and he never had to ask for a ride from the store ever again because everyone wanted to pick him up and be his friend.[1]"

As well as creating and producing Knifepoint Horror, Soren Narnia also produces the podcast Those Snowy Nights You Read to Me, They'll Never Be Forgotten and has featured on other horror podcasts such as The Bloodlust and The Alexandria Archives. His YouTube channel also contains a number of Knifepoint Horror stories, as well as other videos unrelated to the main Knifepoint Horror series. Further comedic writing can be found at http://soren-narnia.blogspot.com/, though this blog has not been updated since 2012.

Soren has written a number of novels and short stories, the details of which can be found at his Goodreads author page.

A background to the name "Soren Narnia" can be found on the main page of Those Snowy Nights:

When I was in the fourth grade, my teacher asked me to sit next to a handicapped kid named Sean and help him along a little if I could. It wasn't easy, because he was quite slow, but I tried. When Sean got especially excited about something, or if he was told he had done something well, he would smile and shout out nonsense words. One of them I remember, which he used to shout many times over the few months I sat beside him, was "Sorinarneeya!" Again and again, it was a harmless word he used when he was happy, and seeing my puzzled expression would just make him say it once more, even more pleased than the first time: "Sorinarneeya!" For some reason that word stuck with me for years, until one day as an adult I realized how neatly and curiously it cut in half. And I thought that was so perfect, how this little gem of a thing had sprung from a bit of the absurd and a bit of the tragic. That seemed like all of life to me: momentary bits of perfection out of all the absurdity and tragedy. And amazingly, they just keep on coming.[2]"