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As of 6 February 2022, there have been 66 official Knifepoint Horror episodes, including Halloween compilations and special anthology episodes.

List of Episodes

"Episode Number" in the list below refers to the publication order of the episodes. For ease of reference, special anthology episodes have been designated with a publication number, and the individual stories within those episodes are referred to as [Episode Number].[Individual Story Sequence].

The "Synopsis" fields below are taken directly from the story notes found at

List of Knifepoint Horror Episodes
Episode Number Publish date Title Synopsis
1 23 November, 2010 town An unwitting videographer is drawn into a mysterious researcher's day-long journey through a small place on the brink of total possession.
2 25 November, 2010 corpse The corpse of a remorseless killer refuses to decay, breaking the sanity of a dangerous man who becomes obsessed with it.
3 25 November, 2010 cult A cult's act of human sacrifice and resurrection reaches across the twentieth century to leave its imprint on a modern day murder.
4 29 November, 2010 eyes An invitation to a seance leads a Congressman to face the wrath of a tortured spirit bent on making him suffer for a past betrayal.
5 2 December, 2010 trail A courteous stranger offers three friends looking for a Halloween hayride into the woods something deeper and darker.
6 5 December, 2010 school A damaged man recalls his time at Seacrist Elementary, the unlikely site of a hideous paranormal outbreak which still haunts him two decades later.
7 9 December, 2010 rehearsal One of the most famous political assassinations in history may have been cryptically--and gruesomely--foretold.
8 12 December, 2010 plague Few considered the strange substance which spread through a small city to be anything more than a nuisance until the truth brought bloody horror to the entire world.
9 17 December, 2010 return The inability of two troubled teens to extricate themselves from the influence of a practitioner of witchcraft costs them everything as adults.
10 22 December, 2010 tunnel Nine seconds was all it took to scar a subway rider for life when the flickering subterranean lights showed him the unimaginable.
11 26 December, 2010 possession A man's slow descent into depression and addiction opens up a world of once-hidden terrors, the worst of which awaits in a malevolent ghost's plan to devour his weakened soul.
12 30 December, 2010 house On a dark winter's night, a seeker of ghosts attuned to the strange energy within a remote haunted house underestimates its inhabitants' power to destroy.
13 2 January, 2011 cabin - from the files of Savid Doud In a previous episode, 'house', the psychic researcher Aramis Churchton makes reference to the notes his colleague Savid Doud has made concerning cases for potential investigation. Here is one of Doud's original audio recordings, recovered after his death, describing such a case of paranormal phenomena.
14 2 January, 2011 desert - from the files of Savid Doud In a previous episode, 'house', the psychic researcher Aramis Churchton makes reference to the notes his colleague Savid Doud has made concerning cases for potential investigation. Here is one of Doud's original audio recordings, recovered after his death, describing such a case of paranormal...
15 16 August, 2011 rebirth A nighttime expedition to a sleepy town uncovers the truth behind seemingly groundless rumors.
16 23 September, 2011 visitation A knock at the door in the dead of night begins a mystery involving a gruesome crime and a vengeance that can only come in the beyond.
17 30 October, 2011 sounds Two fugitives desperate to escape both the police and the elements become aware of a far greater horror lying between them and safety.
18 4 December, 2011 outcast Whether high school student Garrett Markish was truly evil or under the influence of forces he could not overcome did not matter to those who fell before his seething wrath.
19 17 January, 2012 undead A brief history of a brilliant creator slowly becomes a tale of shadows, footsteps, and terror when an awful irony reaches out to him with cold, lifeless hands.
20 24 February, 2012 sisters The secluded castle, once rumored to harbor evil, had been redeemed by the influence of piety and innocence until something came through the forest to return it to true darkness.
21 21 June, 2013 A Quick Trilogy of Terror Something a little shy of Knifepoint Horror, but perhaps entertaining in their own way, here are three stories that don't quite fit into the mold of those previously offered...... Many people have been thoroughly creeped out by the show's avatar--what IS that thing looking at us? Well, we finally have an answer, provided by 11-year-old Ethien Duckett. His story below is entitled "Ratbat." Talk about economy of storytelling!One cold rainy night I saw a rat I picked it up with no idea what to do with it. As I came home a bat flew into a net beside my door. I grabbed it and took them both inside. Thinking what to do with them was hard, then I thought about the sewer. I quickly threw them in the toilet. Then a beam of light came out of my toilet. I then realized something was going to happen just then a portal from another dimension threw a potion down the toilet and transformed them both into a ratbat. You wouldn’t like to meet a ratbat. They are hideous, monstrous things that shouldn’t exist.They look like a slice of moldy bread with teeth, the strange thing is that they have no wings to fly with. Sadly they have no feet so they can’t run, but they can teleport. If a rat bat gets on you stop, drop and roll, or else your hair will get turned into a mop with a stick on top. Ratbat likes to laugh at people with mops on their head. Ratbat laughs “Rahhhaa” each and every time he sees a mop-head. I was trying to catch that ratbat in the net, then he teleported on the mayor’s hair and turned it into a mop. The mayor was freaking out and pulled out a ray gun, blasting everything except ratbat. Everyone’s mop hair was on fire it was total mayhem. Just then ratbat made a black-hole and everyone was put in a parallel jail dimension. While some tried to shout I decided to use my mop stick to make a ladder and climb out. Ratbat was sleeping safe and sound. I took a stick of my ladder and whacked it with my stick. Oh no it was a decoy the real one was behind me, I pulled out a laser gun and attached it to my stick right as he teleported I shot the portal and trapped him inside the portal forever.The EnD--->???
21.1 - mountains
21.2 - castle
21.3 - solitude
22 8 October, 2013 A Second Quick Trilogy of Terror Another three tales roughly and tersely told.
22.1 - bells
22.2 - lighthouse
22.3 - army
23 11 January, 2014 proof The unexpected phone call's origin raised many questions, but for a man anxious to discover real evidence of mysterious forces at work all around us, there was little question a journey was to be made.
24 21 January, 2014 retaliation A cruel game of psychological brinksmanship among thieves breaks the sanity of its most dangerous competitor.
25 19 March, 2014 presence Very few people had ever even heard of the Poldrict House, let alone investigated it. Surely the lack of fascination within the paranormal community was justified...
26 17 October, 2014 vision A man attempting to solve a strange gap in his memory meets a man claiming to offer an answer--one too frightening for mere mortals to grasp.
27 5 December, 2014 lake Some places are so remote that just to explore them is an invitation to the phantoms that know we're alone.
28 1 January, 2015 legend A tale made specifically for the campfire--a simple tale of the woods, long-buried secrets, and letting chances to escape terror slip agonizingly away.
29 12 February, 2015 staircase A comfortable suburban existence begins to fracture with a single sound. You may have heard it sometime yourself, but those who have surely possess no need for stories like these to haunt them.
30 3 April, 2015 bargain It seemed like such a simple deal, but it felt wrong from the very beginning--and led to a glimpse of a horror which, for those with even a little experience peering into the shadows, need not be named.
31 1 June, 2015 sleep There exists in this life a very real, horrifying phenomenon that science cannot yet extinguish. It strikes a surprising number of people, and none of us are safe. And if it comes for you, it will come at the most vulnerable moment you will ever know.
32 19 July, 2015 landmark Somewhere near your house it stands, one of those decaying places that people always whisper about as they pass by. For every day you age, it seems to age three. But it may well live beyond you, silently daring you each night at dusk to enter, coldly confident you'll always be too...
33 11 September, 2015 chasm In the space of minutes, a travel writer venturing alone in remote waters goes from a state of enviable tranquility to blinding terror.
34 29 October, 2015 guest He was a teenager who suddenly had no place to sleep, no money, and no options. The world had quickly become a very scary place ... and then shelter appeared much too conveniently.
35 22 January, 2016 fields The next time you take a long country drive, look to your left and right as the scenery rolls by, the forgotten places where no footsteps tread for weeks, months, maybe years at a time. How long would it be before anyone noticed that such a place had become shelter for something unspeakable?
36 10 December, 2016 Let No One Walk Beside Her Here's a horror tale told through a different format. In a mysterious, undefined era, a desperate foot journey traverses a winter wilderness that promises a lonely death--perhaps a natural one, but likely not.
37 4 April, 2017 A Quick Decology of Terror These 10 stories were produced as videos for YouTube over the past year as a slight change of pace--here they are, if you haven't heard them yet, in audio-only format as a convenience to those (like me, actually) who prefer to do without the creaky visuals. Some have been partially re-recorded.
37.1 - boardwalk
37.2 - forest
37.3 - highway
37.4 - cellar
37.5 - hiker
37.6 - car
37.7 - doppelganger
37.8 - grafitti
37.9 - hometown
37.10 - photographs
38 17 May, 2017 attic A conflict in memory between two brothers leads to a return to a place where childhood may have been hiding something too ghastly to retain in the mind.
39 29 June, 2017 mother Built as a place of solace for those who could no longer fully fend for themselves, the house should never have been disturbed or even noticed. But then one summer night, unfamiliar footsteps approached.
40 16 August, 2017 tarp A boy growing up in post-Depression Kansas learns there are no truly innocuous objects as long as the human imagination can infuse them with fearsome properties.
41 13 October, 2017 Four For Halloween Two tales of Knifepoint Horror, and two radio plays.
41.1 - thrifting
41.2 - radio play: “Report on an Unidentified Space Station,” adapted from the short story by J.G. Ballard
41.3 - west
41.4 - radio play: “The Cleaver”
42 12 November, 2017 moonkeeper A man thrust onto the streets must navigate their disturbing sights and sounds, all the while living under the threat of a monster moving relentlessly through their shadows.
43 24 January, 2018 family For the haunted, any calm explanation of a supernatural phenomenon is a comforting one, no matter where it comes from. But it is never more important than in that very moment to remain watchful and mistrusting.
44 29 March, 2018 The Crack Another tale of lands touched by both enigmatic beauty and dormant, uncategorizable cruelty.
45 11 June, 2018 impound A man in trouble, wanting only an escape from a crisis, stumbles across a mystery which leads to another... and yet another, demanding a return to a dangerous place and time.
46 25 July, 2018 circles Maybe your own town holds one: a folk tale, discredited and in many ways absurd, that nevertheless will not die. Here is a glimpse into one such tale ... and the rare destructive force it happened to carry with it.
47 24 October, 2018 elements A man blinded by infatuation learns the object of his desire has intentions to become something from which he may have already missed his chance to escape.
48 8 April, 2019 The Copper Cup A man who insists on the existence of a relative no one else has ever seen delves dangerously into the swirling fog of his own youthful perceptions. Radio host played by Currer Hathaway.
49 3 June, 2019 transit Memories of three weird occurrences that cannot be explained merge for their living witness into a common theme.
50 2 August, 2019 laborer Nothing that has four walls and a roof can be eliminated as a possible breeding ground for the supernatural -- nothing.
51 3 October, 2019 Three for Halloween The featured story of this brief trilogy imagines that perhaps, Earth's final confrontation between good and evil will take place so quietly you'll be able to hear a caterpillar crawl through the blood-soaked grass. Before this tale comes an appetizer ... and afterward, a little dessert.
51.1 - dusk
51.2 - extremity
51.2 - project
52 21 December, 2019 The Lockbox For the people in a small town in upstate New York, what happened was just another sordid true crime story. But they would never know just how frightening and surreal things became in its aftermath, or what one woman chose to endure in the name of compassion.
53 10 April, 2020 Twelve Tiny Cabins A college professor has a mysterious story to tell to a prized student, but his timing and motive are no less cryptic.
54 7 June, 2020 compulsion Conflicting feelings about a banished relative lead to a visit a long time in coming … but each step toward her house reveals more warning signs.
55 8 July, 2020 drop-ins Each nighttime visitor to the tiny house in the country was more unwelcome than the one before ... but the fourth was truly unimaginable.
56 7 August, 2020 excursion 'What about the forest where this terrible thing happened?' people sometimes ask when they hear the story of the small town that became so precariously balanced between true evil and unexpected hope. 'Is it still there?' The answer is yes... the forest is still there.
57 3 October, 2020 occupiers The letters and diaries of several 19th century soldiers allude to “the terrible Demon of Moscow” that once haunted the city’s streets. One witness alone told the entire story of the ghostly force most still believe was not truly of this world.
58 16 October, 2020 thresholds For Halloween, a tale of two people dwelling among the monsters who own the night.
59 3 December, 2020 vacancy Within every grandiose scheme, there lies the seed of possible disaster. Some of these disasters are loud, chaotic, and violent ... but sometimes they only sound like the wind sighing through haunted ruins.
60 15 February, 2021 digs What’s the shortest time you’ve ever lived somewhere before you left in frustration? What was the problem—bad neighbors, leaks, noise problems, lousy plumbing? Something worse? Something mystifying?
61 10 May,


A Convergence in Wintertime Someday, when you find yourself alone in a place like the one where this story occurred, take note of what happens to your footprints as the minutes tick by. As one of the narrators claims, the wind shifts things around fast--and it’s as if no trace of you ever existed.
62 9 July, 2021 prisoner There is a curious fact about the tiny railway station mentioned by the teller of this story that he would never know: Almost sixty years before the events he describes, the station was partially demolished in the night by someone or something unknown, and had to be rebuilt from the ground up. Unknown, yes, but there were indeed whispers--from the older folk mostly, people long dead by the time the weary and hungry narrator appeared in the mountains utterly by chance.
63 24 September, 2021 I Was Called Anwen A documentarian’s celebrity puff piece takes a dark turn when her subject reveals the story of a friend’s haunting.
64 1 October, 2021 attraction You are invited to a place in the mountains where one man decided that no matter what the date, it will always, always be Halloween night.

(also includes the story "sugary": (And after 'attraction,' keep listening to experience the very... well, ROUND terror of a campfire tale called 'sugary' - 39:40)

65 6 December, 2021 surveillance The tomb would soon sit unnoticed, perhaps forever, in the wild grass of the lonely cemetery. But on its first night of occupancy, one man would keep a careful watch over it. Just in case.
66 6 February, 2022 The Smoke Child No one in attendance at the talk on that December night in New England, 2021, really knew what they would hear from the presenter, though they certainly knew his name. And while no video exists of his methodical dissection of the past, the audio recording alone seems more than enough
67 22 April, 2022 pride Many is the band that wishes they could have a second chance at what turned out to be their final performance—maybe they could have brought more energy to that night, or savored it just a little more... and then there’s the terrible but unforgettable case of the celebrated rock group Waters Blue and Permanent (2003-2022).
68 15 July, 2022 D.N.K. A filmmaker recalls the details of his darkest project: the people who endured it, the illusions he lost to it, and the horrific force that set it all in motion.
69 21 August, 2022 cleanse There are reliable narrators, there are unreliable narrators… and then there are outliers like the one heard here. 'Clearly guilty of murder, he somehow remains committed to his narrative,' one journalist wrote of him. 'I wasn't sure whether to look at him with a strange kind of awe, or simply run screaming and never...
70 1 October, 2022 A Compendium for Halloween Eight very different stories for the season.

1. hitcher (0:00)

2. Is It That Time Again? (6:03) (featuring Emma Fradd of the Sibling Horror podcast and Beth...)

3. prodigal (17:37)

4. panophobe (23:05)

5. legalese (33:39)

6. contestants (41:57)

7. A Bitter Pill (48:39)

8. blueberries (1:10:48)

71 7 November, 2022 colony Year by year, step by quiet step, a well-intentioned collective of great minds evolves into something to be feared.
72 6 December, 2022 gifters As a small town struggles to defend itself against cruel interlopers, the hour of vengeance draws ever closer.
73 17 January, 2023 hole Things were already tense inside a house in the middle of nowhere, and then at the wrong moment, there was a casual glimpse out the living room window.
74 17 March, 2023 Late Checkout In the world of short-term rentals, the personalities bound to the transaction sometimes briefly clash. Ninety-nine percent of the time, there’s not enough there for anything to seriously ignite. The one percent is called 418 Ulmus Street.
75 10 April, 2023 bots The story of Joel and Sammie, a young couple suddenly divided by something terrifying—and then bonded more strongly against a bizarre and inscrutable enemy.
76 19 May, 2023 rink In a suspiciously quiet and unspoiled setting, three friends are beckoned by the liberation found within their darkest impulses.
77 11 June, 2023 endgame For sale by Baltimore County: 3 BR, 2 BA single family dwelling on 1/3rd acre in residential section of Seven Bells, Maryland. Demolition arrangements offered by county at no cost to buyer. Strict confidentiality agreement must be signed by all interested parties before property is viewed or terms discussed.
78 24 August, 2023 sideswipe There's usually a moment as you drive alone late at night on a long, desolate country road when you succumb to a brief bleak thought of all that can happen to you out there. Maybe you become nervous about your sudden total dependence on your machine to get you safely back to the world of light. And maybe your surroundings start to seem genuinely scary. This is a story for those who start feeling these things the very first second that road begins to curve out of sight.
79 25 September, 2023 chains It seemed like a simpler time, and the problems faced by the people in that small rural town seemed simpler too... or maybe it was a dreadful blindness that just made it appear that way.
80 13 October, 2023 Devils Everywhere You Turn On the hurting streets of Claysmith, Connecticut, a hideous comedy of errors engulfs the innocent and guilty alike.
81 5 January, 2024 detour For the dead of winter, an old-fashioned ghost story set in a hot and humid place.

List of Other Episodes

Title Episode Number Synopsis Published
sleeperette n/a Knowing I was about to be confined to a small space on Amtrak for 19 hours, I decided to try to improvise a short film about it to pass the time. Nothing written down, no special equipment; this is the only way I've found that I can actually enjoy the filmmaking process! - Soren Narnia[1] 11 June, 2018